How many 24 year-old women accept a position as a deckhand aboard a tall ship for a six-month passage? How many of them go backpacking across third-world Mexico on a pauper’s per diem? How many people transform indigence into philanthropy? And how many mothers can turn tragedy into art?

In our culture where people are obsessed with our ability to be made over and who want to be inspired to change, my new book about Tanya Orme’s short yet transformative life will appeal to people beyond those who knew her personally.

Tanya’s wish was to “someday write a story about my travels.” Good Chi, The Sea and Me” is a 216-page full-color biography/travel essay, interspersed with poetry, prose and art that I transcribed from her many journals that I found after her death.

Not unlike “Into the Wild,” this is an account of the last few years of Tanya’s extraordinary life that begs to be told. It is a biography that accounts the tears and triumphs of Tanya’s many adventures, and will be available for purchase soon at

by Tanya Orme

Tanya Working Aloft Tallship Bounty